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I feel like this summer has lasted waaay longer than it should- anyone else? It’s almost Halloween and I didn’t need a jacket today. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had a few chilly days, but this weather can’t make up its mind. One of the consequences of weird weather is weird skin. Around this time of year, I feel like I need an extra bit of pampering, so when SimplyScrub reached out to me to review some of their scrubs, I jumped at the opportunity.

Simply Loving Simply Scrub | Katie Actually

SimplyScrub is a relatively new and growing brand that specializes in organic, all-natural, handmade body scrubs. They offer four scrubs, each is made up of nourishing oils  and natural exfoliants like brown sugar and sea salt. No harmful microbeads here, friends! They currently have four varieties:

*Rose- Rose bud petals, sweet almond oil, brown sugar, shea butter, and more

*Chocolate- Cacao nibs, coconut oil, cocoa butter, brown sugar, honeycomb, and more

*Coffee- Coffee beans, coconut oil, Dead Sea mineral salt, grape seed oil, and more

*Soursop- Soursop leaves, Dead Sea mineral salt, mint leaves, green tea, tea tree oil, and more

I received the full size jars of the rose and coffee scrubs, and they generously included sample packs of the other two scrubs as well. The 3.5 oz jars are plastic with a screw-off lid, which is fairly common for body scrubs. These are also available in 9 oz pouches and trio gift sets.


I’ll talk about these starting with the most exfoliating and ending with the least. The coffee scrub was actually my favorite of the four. The grittiness of the beans, sea salt, and brown sugar work together to gently exfoliate the skin, while the caffeine from the coffee will temporarily plump and rejuvenate your skin. The natural oils in this one also help to lock in the moisture. I love the smell, and I found the consistency of the scrub was just right. This was the perfect thing to wake up with on a Saturday morning to prep for the weekend!


Now if you’re looking for a product that makes you smell like a cupcake, the chocolate scrub is the one for you. This has the consistency of chocolate frosting, plus a bit of exfoliation. It’s not as “scrubby” as the coffee, but more so than the rose. The oil and cocoa butter in this one leave your skin super soft, but probably aren’t best suited for those with oily skin.


Sour what now? Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of it either. Soursop is a spiky, tropical superfruit packed with vitamins and other good stuff. This scrub smells kind of herbal, with a little bit of a tart twang. The consistency of this one is strange, too- it’s a mixture of plants and exfoliators. While this one was the most unusual of the four, I liked it! It was refreshing, got the job done, and left my skin feeling soft.

Simply Loving Simply Scrub | Katie Actually


There are pros and cons to the rose scrub. I wouldn’t actually call it a scrub, to begin with. The petals and oils overwhelm the small amount of brown sugar, so I didn’t get any exfoliation from this product. Also, it was messy to apply. The petals mostly ended up in the floor of the shower about two seconds after I pressed them to my skin. I tried a second time in the bath, and that seemed to work better, however. It smells divine, and my skin felt soo smooth after I used it!

Simply Loving Simply Scrub | Katie Actually

Simply Loving Simply Scrub | Katie Actually

I love a good scrub, and these from SimplyScrub are good. If you’re looking for a natural, organic, affordable scrub, I’d recommend checking them out!

Which of these looks the best to you?

** These products were sent to me free of charge to review, but as always, the opinions are all mine!